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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 15, 2012 10:00am-11:00am PST

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detecto detectors, and guards. >> and these kids have hatred. >> beyond that day in 1999 deangelus will be haunted by the recent words of a fbi profiling. >> frank i can assure you there's someone right now planning something nor bigger and devastating than what happened at columbine high school and sadly enough, he's right. there was a 20 minutes time span when i saw the two little girls and saw my sister and those were the worst 20 minutes of my life and i can't put it into words. >> a town and a nation reeling from the heart breaking shooting in newtown, connecticut. a long and intense investigation is underway, searching for answers what would cause someone to shoot up a school killing 26 people,
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so many of them children. >> and just this morning, authorities are saying that gunman adam lanza wasn't voluntarily let inside the school, but rather, he forced his way armed with multiple weapons and now town officials are saying the principal was killed trying to stop lanza and saying they have quote, good evidence in this case. hello, i'm uma pemmaraju. >> kelly: and i'm kelly wright and we begin a special edition of america's news headquarters which begins right now and we'll go right to newtown, connecticut. state police there wrapping up a press conference just a short time ago. our molly line is standing by live near sandy hook elementary school with the latest on the investigation, molly. >> there's a broad expectation of grief and at some point the names of victims will be released today. we do know that all of the
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victims' bodies have been identified and removed from the school and offering comfort throughout the day as well. you mentioned that police have said that this the shooter did not -- was not buzzed into the building willingly and in other words, forced his way in and quick to say in regards to broken windows across the school. that may have been done by the law enforcement community and people that arrived there and wanted to get into the school as quickly as possible to respond to the emergency underway and meanwhile, investigators are peeling back an onion here, looking at the layers of this and every crevasse of the school to get all the information they need to find out why this happened. federal authorities, our sources told us, the shooter may have had asperger's syndrome and mental challenges through his life and whether or not that contributed to the shooting, police say good evidence, not details of what
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they have, but some sort of evidence to help explain the how and why this occurred. here is a little bit from lieutenant paul vance as to how the shooter may have gotten into the building. >> we have established the point of entry. it was, i can tell you it's believed he was not voluntarily let into the school at all. that he forced his way into the school. >> reporter: and there is some evidence, reports out that lanza may have had some sort of altercation at the school in the days before the shooting occurred. we spoke with lieutenant paul vance and he has not confirmed so we don't have any knowledge for certain that lanza had been in the school days before the shooting, but all of these things are looked into and authorities are working to find everything out. >> one person that might be able to shed light on what may have happened during the course of this massacre, one survivor, a female survivor, a woman, police say they're speaking with her and that what she's saying will be
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involumable to figure out what happened inside the walls of the school. >> they're waiting to hear more from her. molly line with more from the scene, sandy hook school in newtown, connecticut. uma. >> new details are emerging about the shooter, 20-year-old adam lanza, but many specifics about his motive remain unclear. he lived with his mother nancy in a prosperous area of newtown, connecticut and confirmed that a woman was found dead in that home and it is believed to be his mother. the guns found at the scene were registered nancy lanza and ryan lanza initially identified, says adam was autistic. and neighbors are also remembering adam as quote,
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senator a smart, and on the honor roll. they've found no note from the terrific tragedy and adam wearing black fatigues forced his way in and began his bloody rampage. >> kelly: connecticut police released tapes of the calls that came in. >> and caller indicates she thinks there's someone shooting in a car >> you can just imagine what the police were encountering
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as they came upon that horrible tragedy that no one could imagine. during the morning's press conference at sandy hook elementary, police said the superintendent of schools should be able to provide more clarity about the possible motive. we know she's headed to the scene and expected to hear from her sometime soon today and during what is called an active shooter situation, which is what we saw unfold in connecticut, response from law officials is critical at this hour. so, how do these teams respond without putting more people in harm's way. we're joined now by david cass, chief executive and a former special agent to the drug enforcement agency. david, welcome, thank you for joining on this day. obviously we wish it was under better circumstances. but back to the point. have you ever experienced an active shooter situation like this one with possible casualties and hostages inside? >> i was a special agent with drug enforcement, and although
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there are high risk warrants and affecting arrest of dangerous people they're proactive in nature not reactive. so our training for this type of scenario stems on what is called the rescue, an undercover agent in the residence, in the location that we have to get out quickly. so we would go in heedless, the tactics less designed to move safe and slow, but designed to get to the person in danger as quickly as possible and that's what an active shooter response is all about. >> kelly: so that's what you're trained to do. from an officer-agent point of view what do you expect in a situation like this, when somewhat is going on involving incident children and teachers that can't defend themselves. what's going on in your mind and your head in terms of reaction. >> i think i can speak for most people in law enforcement, get in as quickly as possible ab stop what's happening immediately and i don't think you're really concerned about-- in the back of your mind, you understand that it's dangerous and it may be a danger to your
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personal safety, but look, these are kids, all our children and the parents would have rushed in bare handed to confront this and law enforcement, sat thing. >> kelly: you're right. parents would run in bare handed and many parents in the wake of the tragedy without their loved ones there, feel powerless and helpless to do anything. how do you follow up on a crime scene like this, not only in terms of the family and brieg them sal last, but gathering all the necessary evidence that will help them understand what possibly went wrong and why it happened. >> and at this point, it's not a matter of gathering evidence for a trial, a trial, rather, but the shooter is dead. just in the off, off chance there is another involved person, which is very, very unlikely and you want to make sure that you do the investigation thoroughly and it's absolutely heart breaking when you hear that the children were lying at school for all those hours and
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nothing you can do about it, the medical examiner has to take the necessary steps and of course the crime scene has to be well documented and preserved. but the only thing you can do is hope that there are lessons learned and going forward, tragedies like this are prevented. >> and before you let you go, what are your concerns of someone like this gaining access to such high caliber weapons, anything that could have been done to prevent the guy from getting hold of the weapons and using them in such a manner as this was totally unappropriate, inappropriate? >> well, the reports, weapons were registered to the mother and i cannot emphasize enough, owning a firearm is a tremendous responsibility and securing them from someone not to have access to them. you fill out a questionnaire and required by federal law, and one is an exhaustive
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criminal background and under indictment and line items whether you're treated for mental illness or on narcotics or medications and no way for people involved in selling weapons to verify, and do a criminal background check, which is done, but the mental issue we need to do a better job of identifying these people and making it impossible for them to get a hold of weapons. >> kelly: that certainly seems to be a question a lot of people are looking at when they move forward with this investigation and reaction to this. we thank you very much, sir. >> and how this, and two they took to the hospital are dead now and you can pretty much assume that the ones in the hospital, i mean, that are in the school are dead. and everybody in the school is dead. >> this town is 300 years old. this is probably the worst day in the history of this town.
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and it's hard to believe that anything like this could happen in this town, it's a quiet town, maybe it's too quiet. >> lot of emotion and lots of pain there. and understandably newton's residents remain in shock as their bucolic little town was hit with one of the deadliest mass shooting. and what's left of the 30,000 who live in that community with a very low crime rate. hard to imagine back in 2010, newtown saw only one violent crime. well, your child didn't have to be, but watching on television can be traumatizing as well. how could we explain what is happening to our children. and from harvard medical school, joining valuable insight and offering ways of
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comfort and hope as many are struggling to find this senseless tragedy. good to have you. >> thank you. >> if your child says i'm scared. isn't the worst thing to say that you shouldn't be scared. shouldn't we acknowledge their feelings. >> absolutely. the first thing we should do is listen to the children react to their fear and grief, being scared and anxious and being depressed and wanting to be comforted and hugged, that's also very important and for the parents to kind of stand by and a lot of those children, and children around the country, because of what happened in connecticut, are going to be having nightmares tonight, sleep problems, maybe eating problems, maybe a lot of physical complaints, stomach aches, upsets. i think that parents have to be very alert to that and know that they have to be reassuring to the children as much as possible. many of them around the country, not just again in connecticut, are not going to
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want to go to school on monday, perhaps. because they don't feel safe. they're the not clear why this happened and whether it could happen in their school as well so they are he' going to have some anxiety and parents may have to support them and reassure them that they're safe in their school. now, right now, people are not feeling that way, but putting it in perspective, these are currencies, relatively rare. if you look at them. so, it happened. it's awful, it's tragic, it's painful particularly for the connecticut people where this is going to be with them or the rest of their lives, but i think that we should let the other children in the country know that they're relatively safe and that the parents will protect them, the schooling will do all that they can to protect them. the police will do all that they can to protect them. and so far, looking at it in the long-term, it has been working well, but we still are scarred by these awful, horrific tragedies that damage
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not only the communities and the children, but also the he be tire country. >> indeed. you've done some ground breaking work with young people, particularly when it comes of issue of violence. how do you engage teenagers, for example, in these conversations? >> well, i think that teenagers pretty much have a regular discussion about the violence. they're going to be as puzzled as adults. but i think we also is to explain to teenagers and children that we have to do all that we can to prevent violence. you know, since these shootings starting, decades ago, that we have violence prevention programs, conflict resolution programs, we have programs that teach children tolerance, anti-bullying programs so that young people don't develop the kind of hate and fury and frustration that leads someone to commit a crime as horrific as this one. so i think we still should
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focus on our violence prevention efforts and i think the whole issue of gun control should come up. parents should participate in that. other citizens. what kind of controls do we need that might minimize the chances of something like this occurring. and i think that things we can do. reich right now, we have close to 300 million guns in circulation and hands and that's one gun for every man, woman and child in the if you have that many guns in circulation, you can be sure there are going to be people, we don't have to talk about motivation, we talk about the fact there are a certain number of deranged people, i'm not saying mentally ill, because that's kind of controversial issue, but they certainly are deranged people who will do something like this, that in my definition, these people are suffering from mental disorders of various types being expressed in different ways.
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and so i think-- yes, go ahead. >> do you think that young people may have a tendency to become immune of the violence if ne continue to see the stories we've seen over the last several months of one shooting after another? >> well, yes, i can. in fact, one of the things that we know when children watch a lot of violence on television and the movies, and even in video games, they become a bit numb to it all. as if it's not really happening, as if they really don't appreciate what death and killing is. yes, that can happen and even yesterday, come some of the kids were acting number to the violence and children were seeing violence nearly every day on the six o'clock news swells in video games as well as on television and the movies and so it's like an everyday kind of matter and the younger ones aren't sure when people are killed that they're dead. so, we have to -- we have to
10:17 am
continue the discussion and make it a positive one to try to do something about these horrific events. >> absolutely. it's great to have you here today. thank you for sharing your insight. we're grateful for having you on today and of course, this is something we're going to be talking about for some time, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> kelly: breaking news from washington, a state department spokesman says that hillary clinton is recovering after sustaining a concussion. chief washington correspondent james rosen is live in washington with the latest details about it. what can you tell us about senator-- i should say secretary clinton's condition? >> secretary of state clinton had canceled an overseas trip that was to take her to north africa and the mideast due to the illness that led to her injury this week. clinton has been suffering from what aides have been describing as a vicious can
10:18 am
stomach virus. and the cancellation of the trip is unusual for the 65-year-old, logged more miles than any other secretary of state. and the deputy secretary of state said in a statement today and i quote, while suffering from a stomach virus, she became dehydrated and sustained a concussion, she's recovering at home and will continue to be monitored regularly. and she'll be working from home and staying in contact with department and other officials and looking forward to being back in the office soon. earlier this week, reporters at the state department press briefing cautioned departments spokeswoman victoria newlands around the world when she mentioned offhandedly that the secretary was quote, really, very ill. >> she's got a -- a very uncomfortable stomach virus. any of you ever had a stomach virus knows that that is not comfortable. >>, but it's not life threatening.
10:19 am
>> it is not, it is not. it is not, it is not. >> and talking to people, right? >> she is-- has not been working, she's been trying to recover. >> and we also know now from the statement that secretary clinton's going to be staying at home this next week. that means she will not, as expected, be testifying on capitol hill about the events in benghazi. so for secretary clinton's account of the events ab as she perceived them in washington. we will have to wait longer. >> i think members can wait considering her illness and hope back to tip top shape soon. >> we hope so. >> of the nation grieves including a visibly upset president obama. what is the president calling for in the wake of the shooting? >> they had their entire lives ahead of them, birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids
10:20 am
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ichltd. >> uma: welcome back everybody, 18 fourth graders hid in the storage room of the library during the horrific shooting. the librarian and assistant locked and barricaded the door. and they had the children color while they waited for the shooting to end. the teachers are scared even with a drill. a scary thing. when the fire alarm goes off, your adrenalin and it's scary for kids. >> and brave woman there. they waited for the officer to slide the badge under the the door to make sure the officers were telling the truth. >> they know that the town of newtown is a small community and remember the lives that were lost and they try to find comfort in faith and in god.
10:25 am
for that part of the story though, we go now to fox news analyst peter johnson, jr. who has more details about this. peter, tell us more, please. >> kelly, i was early this morning in at that town, newtown, connecticut and as you could punch a town in the collective stomach that happened in newtown, never saw so many disconsulate, disspirited, people crying in the general store and in church this morning. i had an opportunity to, early this morning, speak with monsignor robert weiss of the saint rosa lima parish there. six children died from that parish and provides consolation not only for them, but for us as americans. >> he said to me, you know, i don't have anybody to play with anymore, i've lost my best friend and i said to him that god is going to send you some comfortable new friends, you don't have to be afraid and you'll always have your sister in your heart. and i said to him, you don't
10:26 am
have to worry because she's very safe because she's with god and we talked a little bit what happened and he realized that she was going to be happy and safe, but it was shortly after that he broke down into tea tears. >> reporter: monsignor weiss had to explain to a little boy that his sister had gone to heaven and he's part of the clergy in that town that are keeping people together. they are he' scared, they're afraid. in fact, one man came up to me this morning, please, saint to the satellite trucks and reporters, please don't hurt our town. i said i'm from fox news, i came here to share and grieve and be in solidarity and i lost my own father this week he had a long, long life, but we understand loss in this countries and we understand the need to pull together and be together and that's what the monsignor was talking
10:27 am
about this morning, the need to be present, and share god's mercy and understand that faith will in fact bring us through this. he said, very interestingly, you know, people question whether this has shaken by faith in god. no, it hasn't. it may have shaken my faith in human beings as to what i've soon the last 25, 30 years in this country, but not my faith in god. >> a lot of people would agree with him on that and the monsignor has so many things to do, those six children went to his parish. he will have to go through the painful task of funeralizing them and reminding people that they're in god's hands and show us more of this interview, if you can, please. >> reporter: yeah, let's watch some more right now. >> you know, that light that shone over christ is going to shine over these children as well. they are an angels now.
10:28 am
and i think when they reflect on the christ child being born, it's a message of hope and i'm hoping a message that people can take away tonight. there's still a reason to hope, to hold on and these families of other children that they have to continue to raise and i'm just hoping that the strength that comes from the christ child will be with these families and these parents. >> reporter: and the monsignor and the families are living the credo where there's life there's hope. this afternoon a live nativity scene. and near the end of the 5:30 mast a man will come and say there's a star over the stable. and the congregation will walk over to the stable, and there's be representing the christ child in the nativity scene. and those who lost loved ones will come together in a way
10:29 am
that's inherently american, inherently spiritual and adopting a very christian and judeo-christi judeo-christian. >> i know you're a great anchor, but you've consoled people in their times of need and you understand the great foreigns not only for that community, but for the country. we lit candles and prayed in the church at 5:30 this morning, and this is a lot for america to see them together. >> kelly: our prayers are with you and your family. >> absolutely. >> kelly: peter johnson, a very good friend and by the way, peter, my condolences to the loss of your father. >> thanks, kelly. >> uma: well, across the country they're still trying to make some sense out of something so horrific in newtown, connecticut. we're going to have much more on what we must communicate to our children at a time when events like this test our faith and our spirit. we're going to ask dr. keith ablow next.
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♪ >> to be loved or to be giving, to be received-- >> as the nation tries to find its way through the tragedy, president obama has the difficult task as consoler in chief as he leads a stunned and grieving nation. molly henneberg is here with the reaction from the nation's capital. >> reporter: hi, kelly. our hearts are broken today,
10:35 am
that's what president obama said during his weekly radio address and says that the nation grieves for the families who lost loved ones. >> this weekends, michelle and i are doing what i know every parent is doing, holding our children as close as we can and reminding them how much we love them. there are families in connecticut who can't do that today and they need all of us right now because while nothing can take the place after lost child or a loved one, all of us can extend a hand to those in need to remind them that we're there for them. >> the flags were lowered to half staff, at both the white house and the capitol in honor of those who were killed. republicans in congress usually do a weekly address of their own on saturdays, but not today. g.o.p. house speaker john boehner said there would be no republican address so that president obama could speak for the entire nation at this time of mourning. speaker boehner did say in a paper statement, quote, the
10:36 am
horror of this day seems so unbearable, but we will lock arms and unite in citizens for those how americans rise above unspeakable evil. let us kocome together in god's grace for the families of the victims, that they may find some comfort and piece amid such suffering. and president obama said the country needs to take quote, meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this. kelly. >> kelly: molly henneberg, thank you for that report. >> uma: well, explaining violence to your children is never easy, as we try to wrap our murder around the most innocent of victims. we've been asking the experts how best to comfort our children. dr. keith ablow he is joining us with insight. thank you for joining us. i want to ask you about efforts to help comfort our own children and help them feel safer, but first, what about the children who
10:37 am
survived yesterday's attacks. how do those parents comfort them at this time? >> what they need to do is be very, very available to them and ask them about their feelings, don't pressure them for those feelings, but be available, make it plain that they can tell them anything, that there's no limit to the number of questions or the nature of those questions, and if my child were in that school, i would be in a psychologist or psychiatrist's office yesterday because i think these things are really better addressed as a team and the appropriate team member is most often a mental health official or potentially clergy member, that's what i would do for my child, i would start now. >> uma: do even the youngest children as young as five or six, can they experience survivors guilt? >> absolutely. five or six year olds can be
10:38 am
left without any explanation, and so the suddenness of this, the cruel varabilities of this, how could this have happened in this classroom and not that one. why to my friend and not someone else's friend or vice versa, these are universal questions that don't depend as much on age and what we have is the capacity often to reasons through it. so illogical conclusions can come to kids and they need to test out with their parents fot related to anything bad you you did. no, you couldn't have done anything in order to save the people there and we are looking out for you, but you want to be out the look route for, is there an i remembrratio idea in my kid's head. i'll be in a colleague's office asap.
10:39 am
>> uma: absolutely, and as we saw earlier a lot of children are going to have nightmares for days for those that survive and those watching just on television. what's the best advice you have for parents who are dealing with that? >> i think what you do, initially you explain that these nightmares are an outgrowth of your fear and natural. and add reality, number one, your school you can say thankfully to most children everywhere is entirely safe. this is one school of hundreds of thousands of schools. and the likelihood that it will happen again is very low bus in the history of our country, this has rarely, if ever, happened, certainly not to children ever. and once kids can kind of think of the numbers in that way. the other thing, take the evil out of it. too many commenttators say evil visited this town. no, it didn't. mental illness visited the town and these events are
10:40 am
explainable. partly explainable, not to children, but this person got ill and could have gotten more help. this will be the case. >> uma: appreciate you joining us. >> it's a pleasure, thank you. >> kelly: and we'll talk to richard blumenthal, as a parent and public official my heart and prayers are with these victims and the entire community. you'll hear from him next. so s my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! tomato basil, potato with bacon... we've got a lot of empty cans. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. for their annual football trip. that's double miles you can actually use. tragically, their ddy got sacked by blackouts. but it's our tradition! that's roughing the card holder. but with the capital one venture card you get double miles you can actually use.
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>> ap and turning to breaking news from washington. we've been telling you that secretary of state hillary clinton is recovering from a concussion after fainting. and she will not be able to testify on the hearings on benghazi. the house hearing is still
10:45 am
going on and testifying in her place will be bill burns, deputy secretary of state and mead the department resource the. the country, particularly the state of connecticut are reeling from the massacre in newtown. and joining us now is the senator from connecticut richard blumenthal. thank you for being with us. you have served that state for so many years as a former attorney general and now as its senator. tell me about newtown and the people there and obviously, the collective sadness you're trying to bring healing to and answers to the many questions they have. >> newtown is a name probably unknown to most of america, but showing america at its best, and fabric and strength and resolve in the face of this tragedy, it's really extraordinary and it is coming together as america toss at its best and the grief is so
10:46 am
deep and so real, you know, this is a town, small town where everybody knows everyone else and i think it's really demonstrating its strength and perservance. >> uma: and what has surprised you the most as you meet with all the first responders there and the people who are working hard to bring comfort to those who are suffering right now? >> i've been in law enforcement for a lot of years, attorney general for 20 years and dealt with some of connecticut's finest law enforcement professionals, but you know, confirming the death of a five, six, seven-year-old is not part of the part of what taught in the police
10:47 am
academy and there are tears in the ice of men and women so my heart is with them that as well as my prayers for the victims. and tremendous emotion in the town and everyone involved. >> kelly: senator richard blumenthal. you have a lot of work to do and as well as the people there helping law enforcement in any way that you can and moving forward in terms of what the state will do and the town will do beyond this tragedy, but again, sir, thank you for sharing your perspective and insight into your home area. >> thank you, thank you. >>. >> kelly: people across the country are mourning the tragic events. we've heard from the senator of connecticut and we'll take you to some of those events and hear what message they have for the victims and their families. ♪
10:48 am
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>> 26 candles lit up the
10:52 am
church. hundreds standed outside praying and singing and trying to making sense of the inexplicable can be part of the tragedy like the one in connecticut. a lot of people turn to their faith trying to get them through the the darkest days and the pastor joins us now to help us shed light on what people go through having their faith challenged or perhaps wondering would god allow such an evil dastardly deed enacted as yesterday. past pastor, what do you say about that? >> it hurts the heart of god because god hates this and i cannot even think about what people are going through, the families and the loved ones of those little children and adults taken and the question is why and that's a tough question. why did god allow this to happen. we have a freedom of choice and so often our decisions
10:53 am
have great consequences a someone makes a decision like the killer did, that is so heinous and so evil that it affects innocent people and we live in a place that's not perfect and bad things happen to good people and god's very straight forward about that in his scriptures. >> i'm glad you mentioned the scriptures, the president, the commander-in-chief acted as a consoler in chief. psalm 147, he heals and binds up their wounds. how did that affect you to hear it from the president. >> for him to quote scripture, that's what we need to do, we need to be ready and able to help those in need and we have to realize, too, that those little ones are in heaven with the lord himself, and we have to move after this grieving period from why to what, not
10:54 am
just why me, but after we grieve, what now? the bible will tell us take hellacious things like this and use it it it for their purposes and i don't understand that and i don't think we will until we gets to the other side, but that's what god tells us. >> kelly: and many would say that that is the mystery of god, the romans 12, weep with those who weep and mourn with those who mourn and that's what the reading has to do with the president and others say mourn with the community and pray with the community. >> that's true and it's interesting, too, how the things are going well, so often we do not look to god or talk to god yet, after a tragedy, we're the first to blame god. like, god where were you? and god's always where he's been, but it breaks the heart of god to see this yet, we're not made as robots, we have a choice and to say that our choices is just private is totally bogus because the
10:55 am
choices and decisions that we make affect not only ourselves, but others and innocent bystanders. >> kelly: pastor ed young, we thank you for their wonderful insights from the heart of god. >> uma: and this investigation is just beginning and we're learning more as they unfold. and we'll recap what we know so far. stay with us. doctor told me cm is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release. with efficient absorption in one daily dose. avoid bad.fats. don't go over 2000... 1200 calories a day. carbs are bad. carbs are good. the story keeps changing. so i'm not listening... to anyone but myself. i know better nutrition when i see it: great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more processed flakes look nothing like naturalrains.
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why let constipation stry miralax.? mirlax worksdifferently than other laxatives. it dws water into your colon to unblock your system naturally. don't wait to fe great. miralax. >> well, many, many questions remain about the school shooting in connecticut. here is a look at what we do know. state police are now saying they have found what they call very good evidence that they hope will answer questions about the gunman's motives. but one law enforcement official says they haven't found a note or a manifesto of the sort that sometimes turns up after such attacks.
10:59 am
in fact, town officials say the elementary school's popular principal was even killed while lunging for the gunman as she tried to stop him u. >> uma: authorities are saying that 20-year-old adam lanza was not voluntarily allowed into that school. instead, he forced his way in. as you must know by now the tragedy is 27. six adults and 20 children ranging from five to ten years old were killed in the massacre and names set to be released shortly and another victim found at the shooter's home is a relative believed to be lanza's mother. and officials are on the way to the seen and expect to hear soon. that's it from washington. fox news will of course bring you up to the minute coverage of the connecticut tragedy with the police investigation and what's being done to offer help to the people of the tight night community and we of course offer our prayers to the families of the incident


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